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Discount coupons for event registrations. I tried implementing the arrangement for coupon codes for events this week. I'm sorry, but I really don't.
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Wild Apricot Kernels Organic Sweet. Description Details Reviews Price per oz. Be the first to write a review. Anyone could see the amount of the coupon, even if they did not know the code and therefore could not complete the registration. For me, this defeats the whole purpose of it being a "code". I don't want everyone to know there even is a code. It should also not be an option for registering, but rather a code that you enter when completing the registration. It should not be obvious codes even exist except that there is an optional box when completing the registration.

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This seems to be more in line with what most e-commerce websites do, right? For example, isn't this basically how gift cards work at Target, Staples, etc? I have 10 sponsors that get an included ticket to an event, but adding 10 different ticket types based on their participation just adds to the confusion.

And, inevitably, a vendor will register two of their attendees, even though they only qualify for one. How many people need to vote for this feature before it's considered? This is a glaring oversight and a gaping hole in Wild Apricot's features. Event promo codes are a pretty basic need that I think most users expect to be provided.

For this request to be around for over ten years without consideration - I just don't understand how this can be ignored for so long. This idea has been around since It seems like lots of people want this feature.

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I am once again setting up an event where having a discount code would make the process so much easier and straightforward for registrants. Please move this up on your list of priorities. Please, common event discount codes across all events and discount codes that can be applied in the event registration process vs choosing a ticket similar to memberships. I absolutely do not understand why this is not an option that should be available on checkout. Please fix this quickly.

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Discount codes are a must - I want to provide a discount for people attending an event only by video conference at a certain rate, discounted the same from whatever type of ticket they are purchasing member or non-member rate. All you have to do is allow for negative amounts for extra charge calculations and this is solved. So easy. We need a discount code that members get after they join or renew membership that can be used to register for a specific number of events per member. Adding my voice to the chorus.

Really need multiple codes that can be applied to an existing registration type.

Are there software architectural reasons why this isn't being addressed more quickly? Big gap in standard functionality.

What is Integromat?

I just saw the latest WA release included a map feature of members. Certainly nice, but no where near as important as coupon code functionality.